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  • Jodie Marie

This House: Celebratory Track By Track (Day Eleven)

Celebratory track by track of songs from The Answer: This House

This House is the second single that was released off my album, The Answer. It was a song that kind of wrote itself really - I was listening to a lot of music from the 50s/60s/70s for the album, but at this time in particular, I was listening to bands like Free (Alright Now/Fire & Water), The Guess Who (American Woman), and Janis Joplin (Piece Of My Heart). I wrote the guitar riff on my Gretsch Streamliner electric guitar, (called ‘Fleetwood’) - does any one else have a name for their musical instrument? Or is it just me and BB King? Ha.

It was really fun to record this tune, with Tom Sinnett’s bass lines being the driving force throughout the song. Jack Beddis brought an attitude with his feel and the sound of the drum part. Owain Fleetwood Jenkins (owner of StudiOwz recording studio and producer of this track) played the Vox Organ, and also the Wurlitzer part through an Octavia pedal - which is the Jimi Hendrix pedal used on songs like ‘Purple Haze’. The bass and guitar (Jimmy Brewer) (which are played in unison) are sometimes doubled with the Wurlitzer part, making a much fatter sound, that I love!

Dan Moore came down to play Hammond Organ on the track, we had also tried a ‘pulse’ part on the guitar but it wasn’t exactly what we were after, so Dan came up with the idea to play the Dave Smith OB6 synth, which worked a dream! Toby Couling’s percussion shapes the track, I love the ideas he brings to the table, he’s very creative and inspiring to have in the studio.

It was really empowering to record my vocal take for this song, with lyrics that are darker and more mysterious than the rest of the record. I loved doing the second vocal line on top of my main vocal in the middle 8. I could really sing out, inspired by someone like Janis Joplin in a song like "Cry Baby” where you pour your heart out.

You can buy a physical copy of the record on Vinyl/CD here:

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