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  • Jodie Marie

THANK YOU!!! 'The Answer' album release day!

Thank you so much everyone for your love and support surrounding my new album, The Answer, OUT NOW!

I'm so grateful to everyone who worked on this album, and it wouldn't exist if it weren't for all of these incredible individuals! So here goes...

Thank you Owain Fleetwood Jenkins of StudiOwz for your love, your belief in me and my music to push me to create this record! It would still be in pen and paper form had it not been for you. Thanks for engineering, mixing, playing on and producing the majority of the album - I love you. Thank you Ross and David at Carmel Records/Caru Music for joining me on this crazy journey to release this album, thanks for trusting in me - you are the dream team!

Massive love to my band, Jimmy Brewer (guitars), Tom Sinnett (bass) & Jack Beddis (drums/percussion) for your incredible playing throughout the whole album. Not only am I super lucky to have you in my band, you're also my best friends. Thanks for putting up with me ha! Thanks to Toby Couling for percussion across the record, and Dan Moore for playing Hammond & Synths - it was an absolute joy to have you both in the studio recording with me!

Huge love and respect to the producers/writers on the album: Owain Fleetwood Jenkins, Ed Harcourt, Gita Harcourt, Dan Smith (The Noisettes) & Gethin Pearson - you're all amazing and I'm so fortunate to work with such talented individuals. It's amazing what you've all brought to the record, I can't thank you enough!

Thank you Katie Tavini for doing a fantastic job on mastering the album! And Tom Collins for the beautiful artwork throughout the record! I can't recommend the people who worked on, The Answer, highly enough.

Please show them some love!

Thank you to my family and friends, my parents and sister, Nikki, for your never ending support, love you! Thank you everyone who's helped me along the way, Jo & Claire, Eline & Dai Davies.

If you haven't checked out the album yet, you can on Bandcamp, Amazon Music, Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music & you can order physical copies of the record on CD or Vinyl HERE!

THANK YOU!!! Now I'm going to happy cry into a bottle of Moet!


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