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Saving Grace: Celebratory Track by Track (Day Eight)

Celebratory track by track of songs from, The Answer: Saving Grace

Saving Grace is a song I’ve wanted to write for a long time. I wrote it with the lovely Gita Harcourt - I remember telling her about my grandparents on both my mam & dads sides. I love the idea of old love and how true love lasts a lifetime.

My grandad fell ill and had to sleep in a hospital bed in the living room, my grandma was sleeping upstairs in their bed still, but she couldn’t sleep at night and didn’t know why. It wasn’t until she realised that she’d barely slept a night apart from him her whole life. So, we moved a single bed next to his hospital bed so they could hold hands and fall asleep next to one another. They’re so beautifully inspiring that I wanted to write about a love just like theirs.

I couldn’t wait to take your name in a blue and velvet dress”, is a lyric from Saving Grace. My grandma actually got married in a blue, velvet wedding dress, I love this image so much, I had to mention it in this song. When Gita and I were writing this song together in her and Ed’s house in London, the demo recording picked up birds tweeting outside. I just thought it was so romantic and apt for the song, that when we recorded the album version, I had to include some birds chirping outside the studio. My grandparents spent days in the garden together, feeding the birds, it just made sense to include them - if you listen closely, you can hear them.

I invited Ed Harcourt down to StudiOwz to produce this song. There was a really special moment where Ed and I were in the live room, no soundcheck, we just played it - luckily Owain had pressed record and captured the moment, that’s the one and only take we did and that’s the Saving Grace you hear on the album.

Jimmy Brewer played guitar on this track with such a tenderness, Ed and Jimmy used a contact mic on their throats to sing the backing vocals. I wanted the “oohs" to sound like a male voice choir - my Bampi (on my mams side) always sang in male voice choirs, so this felt like the right sound to try and create. It was a really emotional recording session that I will always hold dear, “you were always my saving grace”.

I have no idea what happens after life draws to a close, but I fully believe that they will be reunited, holding hands together one day, “As the moon is rising high, the heavens will take us home”…

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