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  • Jodie Marie

Photography Studio or Recording Studio...?

Some of you may be aware that the genius that is Owain Fleetwood Jenkins of StudiOwz recorded my latest single, Carageen. He also recorded the rest of my new record, The Answer, (set to be released early 2021 via Carmel Records - a Caru Music Limited Company). I trust Owian's studio skills implicitly and feel most comfortable when I'm in that studio space.

BUT - something you may not know is that he also had to turn his hand to photography during lockdown - due to restrictions, I couldn't do the photo shoot that was organised before these lockdown rules were put in motion. So, in order to be ready to release new music for you lovely lot (with photos to go with it!), I asked Owain for a 'teeny-tiny' bit of help...

After never having used a 35mm film camera before, the photos in the slideshow below are just a few of the gems Owain captured after his first try! - And I can promise you, I am not comfortable in front of the camera, so he definitely had his work cut out for him!!

I can't wait to show you some more photos from the films we had developed!

Thank you for everything Owain...fancy running a photography studio as well as a recording studio moving forward??

Check out StudiOwz recording studio HERE.

A converted baptist chapel set at the foot of the Preseli hills in Pembrokeshire, where the land ends and there’s nothing but sea until you get to America. The studio is the nearest thing we have to the legendary Muscle Shoals. The studio is near nowhere, set in dramatic coastal countryside that, a long way from London, helps shape the music made there.


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