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  • Jodie Marie

Paddle boarding the Pembrokeshire coast

I love anything and everything to do with the sea. It's been a huge source of inspiration for me growing up, and still is. Although I don't necessarily write about the sea and nature in my music, it's always what frees my creativity, sparking ideas to write new music.

Whenever my spirits are a bit low, my first stop is the coastline - I find it makes me feel insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Although that might sound a little dire, it's actually really inspiring. If I was stuck in the centre of the ocean with no one or nothing...then I'd have something true to complain about! Haha. But in all seriousness, it really has a calming and meditative effect on me. Clearing my mind and blowing the cobwebs away.

That's where my song, Carageen came from - I was in a particularly heavy headspace and needed to write about it and get it off my chest. I co wrote Carageen with the extremely talented, and a good friend of mine, Ed Harcourt (who also produced the track for my latest record, The Answer).

I'm also extremely passionate about how our lives have a direct impact on what ends up in the ocean. Take a read of my blog post about why I chose to press eco friendly vinyl for this record HERE.


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