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  • Jodie Marie

Making a music video...

I have had the best weekend making a music video at my favourite locations in and around Pembrokeshire - my home county, for my latest single, Carageen.

I was extremely fortunate to work with the likes of Feud Creative, Mr Anderson Limited & Urban Strom.

I have actually worked with Urban before on my single I Got You, off of my debut album Mountain Echo, released with Decca Records in 2012.

I am incredibly awkward and shy when it comes to being in front of a camera, but I felt right at home with these two! So thank you both! It was so lovely to work with Feud Creative & Mr Anderson Limited for the first time & with Urban again - but in a much more intimate setting, exploring the Pembrokeshire coast and revealing my most precious locations. I was extremely fortunate to spend some time filming on a little boat, visiting Ramsey Island, which is off the coast of St David's Head.

I can't wait to share the video with you all, it really shows why I spend so much time outdoors & on the coast, and why it inspires my music so much - whether for lyrical ideas or just to blow the cobwebs away.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Love Jodie Marie xx


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