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  • Jodie Marie

Jodie Marie session for Independent Venue Week with Gorwelion/Horizons at Queens Hall, Narberth!

I filmed a session for Independent Venue Week, thanks to Gorwelion/Horizons at Queens Hall, Narberth in December 2020 which is going out on the 27th January 2021! (Link at the bottom of the blog post to watch it if you missed it).

I played on the Queens Hall, Narberth floor instead of the stage, to show our venues' empty stages!

"This year's Independent Venue Week is particularly poignant and resonant, then, because something that was set up pre-Covid 19 to help spread the word about the challenges facing venues, and to lobby for support for the UK's live music industry - from the grassroots upwards - has now taken on a whole new level of urgency and importance".

- Adam Walton, BBC Radio Wales.

There are a bunch of incredible artists performing as part of Independent Venue Week Gorwelion/Horizons throughout Wales, including:

At beautiful venues:

If you missed mine & Rona Mac's performances, you can check them out HERE.

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