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Jodie Marie's single, Carageen OUT NOW!

Jodie Marie's latest single, Carageen is out NOW!

Via Carmel Records - a Caru Music Limited Company, 18th September 2020.

"I wrote Carageen with Ed Harcourt at a time when I felt particularly lost in the music industry, I felt I was hitting dead ends at every turn, and had lost sight of what truly mattered - my home and my music. I like to spend a lot of time at the coast and whenever I'm down, I go to the sea and look out at the sheer vastness of it, it really puts things into perspective - that is what Carageen is all about. I love writing with Ed, we've become good friends since I first met him, which was when we wrote together for my first record. We mostly wrote in his studio in London - a small space filled with more instruments than you could ever imagine. I always described it as a toy box, so much to play with, the possibilities for writing were endless! We'd often start the writing session by having a catch up over coffee. We'd write a bit, maybe go out for a pint and a bite to eat in the local pub after a chorus and verse were written, come back and write some more. When writing on this particular session, pen and paper in hand, I really felt the urgency to write about home, and how difficult I was finding the music industry, being dropped from Decca & no longer with my management, I felt lost and alone, I had no idea what to do next, apart from write music. I remember when we started writing Carageen, we were trying to think of a word for seaweed - something with more of a romantic lilt to it. After a while, we found the word, Carageenan - a beautiful sounding word that has such mystery to it, it seemed to fit the sentiment of the song perfectly. We finished the song and recorded the demo that day, falling in love with the demo - so much so, that when it came to actually recording Carageen in StudiOwz a few years later for the album we were concerned we'd have 'demo-itis' - convinced we wouldn't be able to better the demo version. But Ed and I worked together with my beautiful band (Jimmy Brewer, Tom Sinnett & Jack Beddis) and Owain (engineer for this track) and created the Carageen you hear today. I'm convinced that because we recorded it in my home county of Pembrokeshire and with friends, I really feel it has that same magic to it that inspired us to write it in the first place."

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