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  • Jodie Marie

Jodie Marie covers Nerina Pallot's song 'Grace'

I was fortunate enough to support the most kind and incredibly talented Nerina Pallot on tour a few weeks ago.

It was an amazing experience with truly beautiful audiences, venues, sound & light techs, promotors and of course the music from Nerina herself. I decided, (with permission from Nerina) to perform this live cover of one of my favourite songs, Grace, written by Nerina Pallot. With help on this recording from the lovely Owain of StudiOwz. It’s a truly beautiful song, and the meaning to me is very apt considering that it was World Mental Health day on Sunday.

She’s still in the middle of her tour with support from Roxanne de Bastion & Jodie Nicholson - so if you fancy seeing this fantastic woman play a live show, I urge you to order tickets before they sell out.

All my love to you Nerina for your kind words about my music on tour, your friendship, encouragement and most of all, grace.


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