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  • Jodie Marie

Eco Friendly Vinyl!!


Who’s noticed the little sticker on the back of my new vinyl album, The Answer?

Having grown up around the sea and amongst the lush countryside of Pembrokeshire, Wales - I am very passionate about ways in which we can help the environment and be mindful of plastic usage - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Getting vinyl pressed has always been a dream of mine, so when it came to choosing a pressing plant, being aware of my footprint/where I had it pressed/how that plant ran was extremely important to me.

I came across Deep Grooves - they press vinyl records as green as possible. All of their machines are powered by green energy, green gas and solar energy - which is all supplied by local suppliers. The vinyl are ecologically friendly and made sustainably within their 99% circular environment - in terms of waste, recycling and energy. Eco friendly ink, and also, their packages 100% carbon neutral and larger shipments are sent on a pallet made of recycled wood with biodegradable wrapping/shrink made from 50% cane sugar.

They do so much more too, which you can read on their website! (

Thank you Deep Grooves Vinyl Plant for your hard work and continued awareness and for making my dreams come true on many levels - ECO FRIENDLY VINYL!!!

So, why not buy your own copy of The Answer on vinyl NOW!


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