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  • Jodie Marie

Don't Go Telling Me (That It's Over): Celebratory Track by Track (Day Ten)

Celebratory track by track of songs from The Answer: Don’t Go Telling Me (That It’s Over)

Inspiration hits you in the funniest ways…with this song in particular, I was driving home from North Wales in my van after visiting my sister, Nikki, when I got stuck at a traffic light. I started humming a melody, & the lyrics “so don’t go telling me that it’s over, over, baby, over….don’t you go telling those lies…” popped into my head. I carried on singing it until I went through the traffic lights and pulled over at the nearest lay by. I quickly sang the lyrics and melody into my phone voice notes & a flood of harmonies came to mind. I downloaded an app that lets you harmonise with yourself right there and then (with very ropey signal) and re recorded it into the app, adding 4 different harmony lines on top. This voice memo was what inspired the whole song. The album track starts with me singing that exact accapella chorus I created from the lay by on my way home from North Wales. I love it when that happens…just daydreaming on a drive & a song comes to you. I later wrote the verses and shaped the rest of the song.

The bass line Tom Sinnett plays reminds me of an American sweetheart school dance in the 50s - when I hear it, it makes me imagine someone swaying and dancing alone in the centre of a school hall. I really feel the drums played by Jack Beddis, & percussion by Toby Couling have a huge impact on the song, they really played to that era of music. We recorded the whole song at the old StudiOwz recording studio (dairy farm) with Owain Fleetwood Jenkins producing. We then invited Dan Moore to experiment with a few keyboard options (like in the video below) but settled on the beautiful Hammond Organ. We later re recorded Jimmy Brewer’s guitar parts at the new StudiOwz in the converted chapel, doubling sections with the baritone guitar - the rest is history!

I loved recording this track, I was really inspired by Lesley Gore, songs like “I Don’t Care” and “I Don’t Wanna Be A Loser” - I just love how she has positive sounding instrumentation & production, but the lyrics are heartbreaking - I wanted to do that with this song, with darker, sad lyrics but with a light and summery feel.

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