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Curse The Day: Celebratory Track by Track (Day Five)

Celebratory track by track of songs from The Answer: Curse The Day

Recording Curse The Day was LIBERATING!

There’s so much to say surrounding this song, I almost don’t know where to begin! We, again, recorded it at StudiOwz with Owain Fleetwood Jenkins engineering and Ed Harcourt producing. We had a great couple of days tracking and working on the song. Ed and I had demoed it in London when we originally wrote it - we actually ended up using the demo drums as the introduction you hear now, and Jack Beddis played the rest of the drums and percussion throughout the song. We wanted a harsh and aggressive drum take, I remember we really encouraged Jack to play harder & louder because so often when he’s been in the studio with me, we’re after a more reserved drum sound - that kind of vibe was the opposite of what this track needed! Jack is such a talented drummer, really diverse and has such an attention for detail - he nailed it!

I wrote Curse The Day with Ed & Gita Harcourt, partly in Ed’s London studio and in their home. I’ve always written from a more vulnerable standpoint, but Curse The Day really opened up a new realm for me writing wise, to let out an anger in me that I didn’t realise I was holding on to, “You are the shadow that hangs over me. Curse the day that I met you…”. It was so empowering to write in this way, a theme that continued for a few other tracks on the album, such as,You’re Gonna Miss Me (When I’m Gone) - the closing track on the album. I really enjoyed letting rip for this vocal take, it gave me the chance to sing the lyrics in a powerful and passionate way, but without over singing. I’m so happy with how they came out on this track, playing around with distortion on my lead vocal and backing vocals, where myself, Jimmy & Ed sang, “Misery loves company”.

I have really fond memories recording the whole album, but there were quite a few great ones surrounding this track in particular - we’d all go for walks during our break, and Opie, the cat, would follow us (we’d end up having to carry him home because he’d walked too far, too tired to walk himself back). I’d also bought a keg of ale for the week from a local brewery - Caffle, which was demolished embarrassingly fast.

But the one that makes me smile every time, is Jimmy recording a guitar overdub for the outro on Curse The Day - where the band start going for it. Jimmy was playing his heart out already and suddenly Ed gets up, stands in front of Jimmy and starts shouting at him, “PLAY LIKE YOUR HAIR’S ON FIRE! PLAY LIKE THERE’S MONKEYS FLYING AROUND YOUR HEAD!!!”.

I can still remember Jimmy’s shocked face, but he carried on playing and shredding - the outcome is what you hear on the end of this track…ahh haha I’m still laughing now…

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