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Carageen Review & Interview - Two Story Melody

Massive love and thanks to Kelsey Marlett of Two Story Melody for the beautiful write up on my latest single, Carageen (released 18th September 2020), and also for the interview about my third album, The Answer, that's coming out early next year!

"Jodie Marie’s September 2020 release, “Carageen,” will lull you into the currents of grief and affection. Touting a dream-like, oceanic sound, this is a track about letting yourself slip into the “waves” of life and feeling everything – even when the emotions scare you."

Please check out the full interview & review HERE.


Kelsey Day is a young independent writer studying in Boston, MA. Her work has appeared in literary journals such as The Emerson Review, Stork Magazine, Blindcorner Literary Magazine, and the NC Poetry Society. She was also awarded first place in the Serendipity Literary Agency’s 2018 Discovery Contest.


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