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  • Jodie Marie

'Carageen' Music Video OUT NOW!!

I'm thrilled to say that the official music video for Carageen went live on YouTube at 9am this morning!

I'm so unbelievably pleased with how this video turned out! Working with Urban Strom, Feud Creative, Mr Anderson Ltd & Carmel Records (- a Caru Music Limited Company) was THE dream team!

I'm incredibly awkward when it comes to being in front of a camera - there's nothing quite like being told to do something as simple as walk in front of the camera, and suddenly forget how your limbs usually work...BUT they made me feel so comfortable. It also helped a lot that the video was filmed in my home county of Pembrokeshire, so I felt right at home doing the things I love - spending time on the beautiful coastline I'm so blessed with on my doorstep and sitting around a campfire outside my bell tent.

We also had the chance to go on a boat trip around Ramsey Island, just off St Davids Head, Pembrokeshire to film some footage for the music video - thanks to Falcon Boats and Just One Ocean for making this happen. This, for me, was a truly magical experience! Sailing through the Bitches - a particularly rough patch of water (famous for extreme water sports), seeing beautiful baby seals, wildlife, dark crystal caves and viewing the beautiful coastline of Pembrokeshire & Ramsey Island from the sea.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did creating it.

Take a peek, BELOW!!!

Directed by: Urban Strom


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