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  • Jodie Marie

Announcement! 'The Answer' Vinyl have arrived!


I am unbelievably happy to say that the vinyl for my latest album, The Answer, has ARRIVED!!!

I think you can see by the look on my face how much this moment means to me! I have wanted to release an LP for so long! And that day is finally here!! So CHEERS!

Thank you everyone who made this happen! From my label (Carmel Records - a Caru Music Ltd Company), band members, writers & producers (Jimmy Brewer, Jack Beddis, Tom Sinnett, Toby Couling, Dan Moore, Owain Fleetwood Jenkins, Ed Harcourt, Daniel John Montagu Smith, Gethin Pearson & Gita Harcourt), recording studio (StudiOwz), designers (Tom Collins, Hannah Isted), photographers (Owain Fleetwood Jenkins), mastering (Katie Tavini), to the pressing plant (Deep Grooves) etc!

I'll go into more detail when I've come back down from this fresh pressing high!

All orders will be with you as soon as! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patience!

Order yours HERE now!


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