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  • Jodie Marie

A Whole Lot Of Loving: Celebratory Track by Track (Day Four)

Celebratory track by track of songs from The Answer: A Whole Lot Of Loving

Recording A Whole Lot of Loving was another really fun track to lay down. I wrote this song on my electric guitar (Gretsch Streamliner) - I wanted to write a song that would fit in a Stax/Motown vibe, music that I grew up listening to.

I loved singing this live in the recording studio with the band, bouncing off one other to make sure the energy in the room came across on the actual recording. With Tom Sinnett’s driving and relentless bass line throughout, I feel the song has an urgency to it, much like the lyrical content; “I’d rather be alone than suffer a fool”. In the verses, Jimmy Brewer plays the prominent and solid guitar ‘chanks’ along with the snare hits on the backbeat by Jack Beddis. I feel so privileged to have these musicians in my band, they are all incredible players that I’ve learnt so much from over the years. I really respect their attention to detail on my work, only putting a part down if needed and never overplaying. It’s amazing to have a band of, not only amazing musicians, but a band that are your best friends too!

Something we had a lot of fun with - not just on this track, but on the majority of the record, was the baritone guitar. Ed Harcourt had brought it to the studio to use on a track he was producing, and we loved it so much, Owain Fleetwood Jenkins (StudiOwz owner and producer of this track) went out to buy his own from Paul at Main Street Music in Pembroke. We used the baritone on this track to double the guitar riff - it fills out the sound and gives it depth.

I can’t explain how much I love writing and recording backing vocals! Throughout the album I’ve tried to make the backing vocals a feature - like the “a whole lot of loving” in the choruses on this track, inspired by Bonnie Raitt, I tried to create a kind of sassy backing vocal line, something she might have done on an early 70s record. I love how the song ramps up with backing vocals at the end, there’s a fresh energy that lifts it to another level. But even with all of the excitement and energy throughout the song, I felt something was still missing on this track. So, we invited Dan Moore to StudiOwz to record hammond organ and suddenly it all made sense - this song was crying out for hammond and it wasn’t until he laid it down, did the song feel complete!

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